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As the largest Japanese lubricant manufacturer, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. has supplied Japan's lubricant needs since 1911. With over 40% market share of Japanese automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) engine oil and lubricant supply, Idemitsu has the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to design engine oils and other lubricants to specifically meet the unique requirements of Japanese makes and models of automobiles. For decades, this expertise has been proven time and again on the race track.
After supplying to OEM's in the United States for over 20 years, Idemitsu is proud to introduce its quality  racing formulas to the U.S. aftermarket by launching three new rotary engine oils and a full-line of piston-type engine oils. These customized lines of premium lubricants offer both classes of engines benefits that include but are not limited to better durability and increased horsepower.
1991 LeMans
As Volker Weidler, Johnny Herbert, and Bertrand Gachot, drivers of Mazdaspeed Co Ltd's Mazda 787B, awaited the start of the 1991 24 Hour LeMans race, Idemitsu engineers were standing by, arguably as nervous as the drivers. Idemitsu had spent years developing the technology behind the engine oil used in the 787B and were hoping for a problem free fast race by the Mazdaspeed team.
250,000 people gathered on June 22, 1991 to watch the historic 24 Hour LeMans race, and 250,000 people weren't disappointed. They were witness to the first rotary engine driven winner in the history of LeMans. Weidler, Herbert, Gachot, and the Idemitsu engineers could now relax and celebrate the win.
The 4708cc 787B finished the race by completing 2 (362 in total) more laps than the closest competitor.  The 787B covered a total of 4,923 kilometers (3,059 miles) at an average speed of 205 km/hr (127 mi/hr).
For those few who doubted the rotary engine's capability, no doubt could exist any longer.

1991 24 Hour Le Mans Winner: Mazda 787B Specs
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